Top 7 alternatives to yellow humor in Barcelona

Alternativas al humor amarillo en Barcelona

Are you a fan of Yellow Humor? If the answer is yes, this article is for you because, in addition to being able to experience the tests of the famous Japanese program, we give you the best recommendations for you to make alternative plans to the purest yellow humor in Barcelona. 

Japanese and... Yellow Humor!

Before offering you the best alternatives to yellow humor in Barcelona, we want to make a little reminder about what Humor Amarillo was and how this plan was born in different Spanish cities, such as Barcelona. 

Humor Amarillo was a Japanese program in which different contestants performed different challenges to win the grand prize. 

The prize was nothing less than one million yen, which in euros is approximately €7,300 (more or less).

If we recall, there were unique tests that you could only see on the show. In reality, many of the activities were more normal things, such as the zip line or water games, but the show turned these classic games around to make them funnier. Who hasn't laughed when a contestant went into the water?

Another interesting point that you will find in very few programs is the dubbing voice, at least in Spain. It seemed to be a program totally taken for laughs, but things like that, made it entertaining and unique. If not, ask around, you will see that everyone knows that they have seen the program at least once in their lives.

The fact is that as a result of the program different centers were born that offered and still offer experiences in the purest yellow humor style in Barcelona and other cities. Therefore, this plan is one of the most demanded, since the fun is guaranteed. 

The best alternatives to Humor Amarillo in Barcelona

If you're reading this, it's because you're at least a little bit interested, either because of the famous Japanese program or because you're looking for fun plans to do on the weekend. 

We bring you, today, the top 7 alternatives for you to live a fun weekend thanks to the yellow humor in Barcelona.


1. Kayaking along the coast of Barcelona

This plan is a favorite for both tourists and residents of the city of Barcelona. It is a very famous alternative to the yellow humor in Barcelona.

Take the opportunity to make a route of about an hour in the waters of the Ribes Roges beach in Barcelona. You have two options, choose a kayak for yourself and let yourself be carried away by the sea or come accompanied. 

You can come accompanied by your partner, friend or a family member, it doesn't matter. It is a different way to live the kayaking experience. Of course, always in the company of a monitor who will guide you and can help you if necessary. 

Thanks to this kayak route you will be able to appreciate the wonders of Barcelona, such as Pasifae Beach, Punta de Sant Gervasi or Playa Larga de Cubelles.


2. To paint and drink with Wine Gogh Wine Gogh

This plan is a very good alternative to yellow humor in Barcelona, although a little more different than others, but just as valid. 

We believe that there is no better way to have a good time than creating a work of art, drinking wine and enjoying music in good company. 

The best thing about this plan is being able to live an experience that combines art and wine in one, which makes it unique and incomparable. In addition, it is a good time to live it alone or accompanied, since here you can feel good regardless of who you come with. 

There are teachers who are in charge of helping you and teaching you everything you need, plus at Wine Gogh we take care of everything, from the brush to the wine, so you only need to worry about enjoying yourself..  

It can be an interesting alternative to yellow humor in Barcelona, don't you think?

3. Laughter therapy

Another rather curious alternative to yellow humor in Barcelona is laughter therapy, but the truth is that it is a good option because it is basically games and different dynamics, as in the program. 

The importance of laughter therapy is to release the deepest laughter of people to rediscover spontaneity, complicity, creativity and a calm state of mind. In this way, stress and tension are released, leaving negativity behind. 

Laughter therapy sessions are very easy to follow, and the main ingredient of this experience is laughter, so it is not difficult to make a person laugh. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face and less stress than you came in with.

4. Escape Room for everyone

Escape rooms became very famous some time ago and there are more and more options to choose from. That's why we have decided to add it to the list of alternatives to yellow humor in Barcelona. 

The good thing about escape rooms is that there is something for everyone, indoors or outdoors and all the options you can think of. 

In Barcelona, you can experience escape rooms based on Harry Potter stories, spy rooms, special escape rooms for bachelor/bachelorette parties, mystery rooms... and many more! There are also some that test your intelligence, although in all of them you have to think to be victorious. 

What, do you dare?

5. Live your own laser battle

We all know the classic paintball battles, but today we bring you an alternative to both paintball and yellow humor in Barcelona. It is nothing less than the most realistic laser battle you can find.

Thanks to today's technologies, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a totally futuristic environment, as if you were inside a movie or video game. The best thing about this experience is that it is painless, in paintball there is always a bruise. 

You can live together with your friends an epic battle of laser beams, thanks to the special vests and the laser gun. Do not hesitate and live the best laser experience in Barcelona.

6. Tarzan-like zip line

In this option they won't throw things at you to make you fall like in the program, but you will be able to live the experience of jumping on a zip line, an adventure that we have chosen as an alternative to the yellow humor. 

Who hasn't wanted to jump on a zip line screaming like Tarzan? Well, in Barcelona, and in other cities, you can do it. You just have to know where to look and go for the adventure. 

In addition, this plan we believe is one of the closest to the experience of yellow humor in Barcelona, but without playing anything and, sorry, but without final prize. Anyway, prize or not, the fun is guaranteed.

7. The Spain Games adventure

The site that has yellow humor written all over it, as it is inspired by it. In Spain Games you can live one of the best yellow humor style experiences in Barcelona. 

Here you will have the opportunity to play different fun games inspired by yellow humor, it is a different way to spend the weekend or even to celebrate an event. 

In addition to the games on which their experience is based, they offer paintball games, we all like to paint ourselves with paint and sting us with our friends to see who has better aim. 

And, let us tell you, free beer or watermelon is included in the price. We've been won over, have you?


With the adventure of Spain Games concludes our top 7 recommendations as alternatives to yellow humor in Barcelona. There are many more options from which you can choose to live a unique and fun adventure, however, we consider that these options chosen exclusively for you are the most entertaining and with which you will spend an afternoon of guaranteed entertainment with your friends or family. Whoever you want to go with. 


Choose your favorite and let's have fun!

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