10 best things to do on the Costa Brava in August

Things to do on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava, located in the province of Girona, is one of the summer tourist destinations par excellence, as there you can enjoy both beach and mountain holidays, so it suits everyone's taste. 

This unforgettable coastline stretches from Blanes to Portbou, on the border between Spain and France, and within its miles you can discover perfect summer activities, from boating to the Irineo de Girona. 

Today, we bring you the top 10 plans that you can do on the Costa Brava in August, the month par excellence of vacations and heat and when families take the opportunity to travel. 

Welcome to the Costa Brava!


The 10 best things to do on the Costa Brava

Below, among all the activities that can be done in the Costa Brava, we have selected the best and the most fun for you.


1. Swimming in the coves

It has always been said that the coves that make up the Costa Brava are among the best you can find in Spain, so it had to be the number one of the plans you can do in the Costa Brava. 

You don't need to go to an exotic place to enjoy some wonderful coves with crystal clear water, you just need to look around you, because Spain has those paradisiacal beaches that we all like to go to and that, many, take advantage of to take some instagrammable photos. 

Most of these coves are surrounded by pine trees and lots of vegetation, so some of them are difficult to access, forcing you to make a long walk before arriving. However, it is worth it because even the path is worth admiring.

Of course, most of the coves are easy to reach, but being August you will have to go very early to get a place to enjoy your day at the beach alone, with family or friends. 

Some coves or beaches where you can go are: Cala Trons, Cala Aigüa Xelida, Cala Sa Tuna, Cala Pola and many more.

2. Gastronomic route

Bars, restaurants, beach bars, etc., are an obligatory stop for any tourist in a new town. Gastronomy is one of the main elements of tourism, so it should be among the best things to do on the Costa Brava. 

It is also a great way to get into a cool place and get away from the heat while enjoying a great meal. In this case, the gastronomy of the Costa Brava is characterized by fresh seafood and fish, as well as traditional Catalan dishes. 

Some of the best dishes you can taste in the Costa Brava are the prawns of Palamós or suquet de peix. The most typical ones. In addition, although they are not Valencian, seafood paellas are a must that you must try in one of the restaurants on the beach. 

On the other hand, if you can afford it, we recommend you to visit some of the best restaurants you can find here, with Michelin Stars and everything.


3. Scuba diving in the Medas Islands

If you are afraid of the sea, you will not love this plan, but it is one of the best plans you can do on the Costa Brava. Although, even so, it is a perfect opportunity to face that fear. We give you the recommendation and you decide what you prefer. 

For scuba diving, we cannot not recommend the Medas Islands, the best place to do this incredible aquatic activity. 

The Medes Islands are a total of seven islands that are located in Playa de l'Estartit and were declared a Protected National Natural Park. Diving into its crystal clear waters you can enjoy a natural spectacle near impressive corals, fish of different colors and shapes. 

We recommend a guided activity and snorkeling to make the experience even more unique. Even, if you can afford it, rent a boat to dive at your own pace and enjoy a day of sun, diving and fun. 

If you do not want to miss this activity, but you are afraid to enter the water, you can take advantage of the option to go on the typical glass bottom boat. This way you can enjoy the experience and not be left behind.

4. White Summer – Market & Music Experience

The White Summer is a Pop Up Market and Summer Music Festival on the Costa Brava with countless activities for the whole family to enjoy in a family environment. 

This year's White Summer is from August 5 to 28, when they celebrate their 10th anniversary, so it will be a special edition. 

Here you can enjoy different food trucks of local cuisine, concerts of emerging music talent, workshops and family games, focused on children, as well as culture and performing arts. A complete and unique experience. 

Come with your friends, family or whoever you want and enjoy one of the best days of the summer letting yourself flow to the rhythm of the music.

5. Costa Brava's coastal roads

The Caminos de Ronda are one of the best plans you can make on the Costa Brava, as it is a unique landscape to walk and enjoy the sea and the surrounding nature.

It is an excellent way to enjoy a stroll along the seashore and discover the different coves that can be reached by taking one of the Caminos de Ronda. Some are longer than others, but all are worth it and the views they offer will make it tremendously short.

As we have said, there are different paths that lead to some of the different coves that make up the Costa Brava. These roads are, for example:

  1. From Sant Feliu de Guíxols to S'Agaró.
  2. From La Caleta to Cala Trons.
  3. From Tossa de Mar to Cala Giverola.

These are the three main paths that you will find, but there are others that you can do and discover routes and coves that will make you fall in love with the Costa Brava.

6. Wine Gogh in White Summer

As we mentioned before, White Summer is a summer festival held on the Costa Brava. There you can enjoy many activities, music, food and drinks. But, in addition, you can enjoy an experience of art and wine by the hand of Wine Gogh. 

In case you're a bit confused and don't know what Wine Gogh is, we'll explain it quickly, although if you've ended up in this article you may already know about our combined experience of art and wine. In any case, we'll let you get on with the article. 

Wine Gogh, as we have said, it is an experience that combines art and wine. This means that you can take the opportunity to create a work of art while enjoying the best Spanish wine. 

Our art teachers will take care of all the doubts you may have, besides teaching you everything you need to get down to work. You just have to let yourself go and paint what you want and, in case you can't think of what to do, don't worry, our teachers will help you with inspiration.

7. Enjoying the view on a sailboat

One of the best ways to get to know the coves and cliffs of the Costa Brava is to sail on a sailboat, catamaran or boat for the whole day. It is a different way to see the coves of this wonderful coast, besides being one of the best plans you can do in the Costa Brava in summer.

You have the option to rent a sailboat or boat and do the route when you want and how you want, however, if this exceeds your budget or simply prefer something more economical, there are tours, excursions and group activities that are done with a guide and you can enjoy this great experience in the same way.

Another option, if you want to enjoy a quieter or even romantic plan is to sail at sunset and enjoy your favorite drink with the person, or people, of your choice. On the other hand, this experience is typical of the vast majority of coastal towns, so you only have to look for information to enjoy this activity in any city you travel to.

8. Visit Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful and best preserved towns of the Costa Brava, that is why it is one of the most touristic places in this area. Visit the old town and enjoy its streets.

This is one of the best plans you can do on the Costa Brava, as it is another way of sightseeing and, in addition, you can see the castle and the imposing walls that preside over the town. On the other hand, the town of Tossa de Mar has a unique charm, as it maintains the medieval and seafaring essence characteristic of these coastal towns.

Another reason to take advantage of your time to visit this town is that it is surrounded by some of the main coves of the Costa Brava, so you can walk the streets of Tossa de Mar and end the afternoon in one of the coves and enjoy the weather and, if you like, the sunset.

9. The village of Cadaqués

They say that one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia is Cadaqués, therefore, that makes it one of the plans that you can do on the Costa Brava during the summer months.

It is a village that maintains the old charm of the fishing villages of yesteryear, surrounded by the landscape of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and characterized by a beautiful promenade where you can see the boats.

10. Empúries

This option is of a more cultural style, since in the Costa Brava you will be able to visit the Greek ruins of Empúries, located in a unique site surrounded by coves and beaches. In addition, a plus point of this place is that you can admire the views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an obligatory stop for any tourist or resident of the Costa Brava or nearby with more than 2,500 years old.

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