Top 10 best things to do in summer

mejores actividades para hacer en verano

Barcelona is a city where you can live all kinds of adventures and experiences. In this beautiful city you can enjoy days full of culture, art and fun.

But what happens when the heat arrives? In these hot days, you don't want to go out and suffer the effects of the sun, so we thought this article might be of interest to you, as we are going to tell you which are the 10 best activities to do in summer and that you don't die in the attempt because of the heat.

Best activities to do in summer

As we have said, this article is about summer plans, either during the day or at night. We will tell you the 10 best plans, but all varied, for all tastes and that you can choose the one that best suits you and that this summer is special and different, despite the heat.

Without further ado, we start with the best activities to do in summer in the city of Barcelona.

1. Kayak Tour along the Costa Brava

One of the best things about summer is that it gives you the opportunity to live adventures and experiences such as kayaking, snorkeling or different water activities.

Enjoy a fun-filled day touring the Costa Brava in kayak, where you can get away from civilization, enjoy nature and immerse yourself in the sound of the sea, feeling that there is nothing more than you, the sea and the people who go with you.

If you prefer you can have a classic day at the beach or pool, enjoy the sun, the sea or the water of the pool, but if you prefer to give a touch of fun, this plan is yours. In addition, on the Costa Brava you can do many more things, kayak tours through its beautiful waters.

2. The best ice cream in town

There is nothing better to feel the coolness on a hot day than having a delicious ice cream, right? Therefore, we have searched the best ice cream parlors of the moment and that enters the list of best activities to do in summer because ice cream is a symbol of summer, so it could not not be.

If you like ice cream, pay attention, because we are going to tell you two of the best ice cream parlors you will find in Barcelona.

  1. Heladería Bodevici: is 100% organic and handmade. You can't miss their delicious ice creams.
  2. Rocambolesc: the ice creams are handmade with fun shapes, so having one of their ice creams is to enjoy good taste and fun.

Visit one of these places and enjoy the best ice cream in town.

4. View the works of Gaudí

The famous Gaudí gave a lot for the city of Barcelona. Without him, places like Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia would not exist, so it is a must visit the city, regardless of the time of year.

If you do not know the Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia, we leave you this article so you can familiarize yourself with them and decide if you want to enjoy a hot day in these spectacular, unique sites in the city of Barcelona. In addition to spending a hot day, you will be learning about the culture and history of the city.

In case of the hottest season, i.e. summer, we recommend you to go to Park Güell in the late afternoon, so the sun will not blind you and you can enjoy the orange light that leaves the sunset.

On the other hand, the Sagrada Familia is good to visit at any time, however, late in the day (also), there are some color and light shows inside that will not leave you indifferent.

5. Art and wine with Wine Gogh

If you want to take shelter from the heat in a cool place where you can have fun, we recommend you to live the combined experience of art and wine that we offer at Wine Gogh.

Esta experiencia es única, apta para todo el mundo y que se adapta a cualquier persona en cualquier época del año, por lo que es una buena opción para alejarse del calor y disfrutar. Aquí podrás crear una obra de arte junto a nuestros profesores, que te ayudarán con todo, y de vino. ¡Todo son beneficios!

In addition, you don't have to bring anything, because at Wine Gogh we take care of everything so that you only have to worry about enjoying and tasting the best wine. Take a look at our events and do not hesitate to book your experience.

6. Las Carpas de Barcelona, long live the party!

Unfortunately, most of the time we don't even get rid of the heat in summer, so if you are one of those who like to party and enjoy a good atmosphere, this is the perfect plan for you.

La Carpa de Barcelona is a nightclub with a swimming pool, so it is ideal for partying and even cooling off on a hot night. It is an outdoor disco, so you won't have to worry about being hot inside a place to listen to good music, have a drink and dance. In addition, they have different parties, such as the foam party.

It is one of the best activities to do in summer, since partying is always a good plan, whether you do it more quietly or more crazy, so we wanted to include this option for you.

7. Tibidabo Amusement Park

Well! Here we have a classic among the best activities to do in summer. Whoever says they haven't been to an amusement park once in their life during the summer season is lying. For this very reason, we wanted to include it in our list because, as much as we like to innovate, sometimes traditional plans should not be left behind.

Whether you go with friends, with your family, with or without children, a day at the amusement park is fun for everyone. So, dress comfortably and cool and enjoy!

8. Open-air cinema: drive-in movie theater

The drive-in movie, a plan that many say is retro and that everyone loves. It is a different way to watch a movie and we assure you that you will not be hot.

The best thing about the drive-in, or movies in general, is that you will always have a choice of different movies, so it adapts to many tastes. So if you are a movie buff or just want to have a good time, look at the billboard, choose a movie and go for it. In addition, many times there are movie deals with dinner or include popcorn.

9. Casa Batló, summer show

Earlier we talked about Gaudí's works, right? Well, the Bartló House is also part of his best works, so, in addition to the cultural reason, it is an excellent choice for the best activities you can do in summer, as it offers musical performances known as Magical Nights.

From June through November you can enjoy unique performances and concerts in the city, plus enjoy a drink along with the show. Let us tell you that it's quite a romantic plan to do with that special someone.

10. Sunset cruise

There is no better way to pass the heat than on a cruise. We are aware that, perhaps, this option is not exactly economical, but if you have the opportunity, you should take advantage of it. Because being able to watch the sunset from a cruise ship in the middle of the sea is a unique moment.

Even if you just spend the afternoon, the sea breeze is unique and is best enjoyed from a cruise ship. Of course, if you prefer a cheaper option, you can always check out the tours and activities available on catamarans, another great way to spend a summer afternoon.


And with the cruise or catamaran we finish this list of the 10 best activities to do in summer. Choose the one you like the most and get away from the heat, although many say they like the heat more than the cold, I don't think they like to be in the sun at 4 o'clock and sweating like chickens. That's why we have brought these options suitable for everyone.

Good summer!

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