Top 10 things to see in Barcelona

Cosas que ver en Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and between the corners of its streets hides years and years of history, culture and art. Whether you are a resident of this wonderful city or you come for tourism, let yourself be enveloped by the spectacle of colors and history that the city offers.

There are many places you can visit and, if you have time, we highly recommend you to see as much as you can, but, in case time is not on your side and you have just enough time to see what you need to, we have created a list of the top 10 experiences, places and things to see in Barcelona.

Welcome to Barcelona!

The best things to see in Barcelona

Quién dice cosas dice lugares, experiencias y/o aventuras. Las 10 cosas que ver en Barcelona que hemos elegido para ti no se centran solo en monumentos o «cosas», sino también en otros momentos que harán de tu viaje a Barcelona (o de tu residencia en la ciudad) única e inigualable.

Here is the list of the top 10 things to see in Barcelona, so you can choose the place you like the most and visit it, or even all of them, if you like them all.

1. The best works of Gaudí

Gaudí was a Spanish architect who represented Catalan modernism and was responsible for the creation of many of Barcelona's most important monuments.

Two of today's protagonists are the Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia, two works of Gaudí that were declared World Heritage Sites. But, in addition to the cultural and historical importance that these two places have for the city of Barcelona, we have added them because they are two mandatory visits, whether you live in the city or not.

Park Güell is an impressive park open to the public with architectural elements and gardens worthy of admiration. Take an afternoon to stroll through the different points, delve into its history and marvel at its colors and decorations.

Access the famous staircase that, if you see it, you will recognize it because you have surely seen it in photos around the Internet, go through the different paths, by which you can walk through the park. Ah! And do not forget to visit the Gaudí House-Museum, a must if you come to Park Guell.

The Sagrada Familia is a very famous Catholic basilica and known around the world, both outside and inside Spain, so it could not miss in this article. Many say that it is Gaudí's masterpiece and, the most curious thing is that he could not even see it finished, because it is still under construction.

This basilica represents Catalan modernist architecture and is an obligatory stop in the city, regardless of whether you are from here or not, as the beauty of its facade alone is more than enough to be amazed.

Its interior hides one of the spectacles of colors and lights that you can find in any basilica you visit, so it is interesting that you have in mind the possibility of visiting the basilica in the last hours of the day, it is worth it, believe us. In addition, if you book in advance you can climb one of its towers and be amazed by the views it offers of the city.

2. Art and Wine in Wine Gogh

An experience that you must live if you come to Barcelona is the combined experience of art and wine that we offer you in the Wine Gogh studio. There are many things to see in Barcelona, but also many places to visit and where to live experiences and adventures.

At Wine Gogh you can enjoy two full hours of creating art junto a profesionales del sector, que te enseñarán lo que necesitas saber para empezar tu obra maestra o ayudarte en todo lo que necesites. Además de haber mucho arte y creatividad, también tendrás a tu disposición a una profesora profesional que te enseñará y formará a pintar con pintura acrílica.

Good wine and good art have always gone hand in hand, so we offer a varied selection of wine where you can choose your favorite. With Wine Gogh you don't have to worry about anything but having a good time and enjoying your time with us.

Come alone or with whoever you want and let your creative side come out and, if you think you don't know how to paint, don't worry, you are free to do whatever you want with the canvas. The important thing is that you enjoy and you can uninhibit yourself from reality. Book your place now and you know, enjoy!

3. PortAventura World

Well, technically, PortAventura is not in Barcelona. It's only an hour or an hour and a half (at most) from the city, but if you like theme parks it's an almost obligatory visit you should make, especially if you're traveling with the little ones in the house.

There are many things to see in Barcelona and, now we will continue with them, with sites and monuments that you can see in the city itself, but we did not want to stop recommending this plan, as it is a unique experience, especially if you travel in the months of good weather.

In PortAventura World you can choose between PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land or Caribe Aquatic Park, depending on the sensations and emotions you want to live and if you want your day to be more or less intense. Of course, whichever you choose, the fun is more than guaranteed.

4. Poble Espanyol de Barcelona (El Pueblo Español)

Barcelona's Pueblo Español is nothing less than an open-air architectural museum, which makes it perfect for summer or spring visits. But you can go at any time of the year. Its location is located on the mountain of Montjuic and here you can admire contemporary art as well as architecture, crafts and gastronomy of the Spanish village.

Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a resident of the city of Barcelona, take advantage of the summer days to visit the Pueblo Español, as in these months there is usually a wide variety of concerts and activities, as well as an outdoor cinema.

The Pueblo Español is a perfect option to end a day full of visits and experiences or even to spend the day, as you can enter and leave as many times as you want, making it a complementary experience to any other of the things to see in Barcelona.

5. La Barceloneta

The coastal neighborhood par excellence of the city is La Barceloneta. Here you can surf when the waves are good, sunbathe on a summer day and even have a drink in one of the seafood restaurants or tapas bars that you can find right there.

You can take a leisurely stroll through the old fishermen's quarter and admire the beautiful views that this fantastic neighborhood has to offer.

In addition, there are different monuments that you can appreciate as the monument of Columbus or, also, you can approach the area of the marinas to which you can access after a long walk starring palm trees, luxuries and yachts.

6. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Although it may seem a bit strange to visit a hospital, the Hospital de la Santa Cruz y San Pablo is one of the main things to see in Barcelona. It was designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, who represents Catalan modernism.

The old hospital stands out for being formed by a set of modern buildings of red brick and a central square, where the healing of patients was attended, quietly and with views of great beauty, for the comfort of patients.

Besides being able to visit the whole and admire the wonderful views from its central square, there are also different exhibitions and guided tours. On the other hand, you can complement this visit with the Sagrada Familia, as they are quite close to each other.

7. Barcelona from the air

As we have already mentioned, this article is not only about the typical things to see in Barcelona, but also about experiences and adventures that you can live in the city itself. Therefore, one of the alternatives to the usual plans that we offer is to see the city from the air, on an aerial tour in a helicopter..

There are many options, you can enjoy an exclusive helicopter tour, but you can also complete the experience finishing the guided tour both on foot or by boat, of course, you will not leave any corner of the city of Barcelona to see.

Besides, what better way to see a city than from the air? It may not be the cheapest sightseeing option, but it's worth every penny you spend to see the breathtaking sights of this beautiful city from the air, no more, no less. Few people can say they have seen monuments like the Sagrada Familia from the sky.

8. The mountain of Montjuic

Earlier, when we talked about the Pueblo Español, we mentioned the mountain of Montjuic, well it is another place you must see if you visit the city of Barcelona. Also, if you are interested in El Pueblo Español, you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy these two places in one day.

The so-called Montjuic mountain is very famous in the city of Barcelona, it is also a good place to visit because to climb it you can experience the experience of getting on a cable car from Avenida de Miramar to Montjuic. Just for the views that you will enjoy along the way is worth the experience.

Once you reach the end of the cable car ride you can take advantage of different locations such as the Jardines del Mirador del Alcalde or go up to Montjuic Castle, a former military fortress..

Also, if you come in the evening, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the music, water and light show held at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, where the Spanish Village is located.

9. Tibidabo Amusement Park

This amusement park gets its name from the fact that it is located on the Tibidabo mountain, in the Collserola mountain range. As in PortAventura, here you can also enjoy a day full of fun, especially if you come with children.

The park is located on the outskirts of the city, but it takes a short drive to get there, so it's a great option for a hot day or any time you want to have fun.

You can plan your visit or simply buy your ticket and get lost among the dimensions of the park and enjoy every attraction you come across. The important thing is to enjoy and have a great time.

If you are still not convinced, on their website you can see the map of the park, so you can get an idea of the experiences you will live that day and enjoy a more than complete experience in the city of Barcelona. In addition, if you go to Tibidabo Park you will have the opportunity to see Barcelona from its panoramic area, you can not miss it.

10. Camp Nou

Last but not least we have the Camp Nou, the famous sports venue in the city of Barcelona and owned by the Barcelona Football Club. This soccer stadium was inaugurated on September 24, 1957 and since then it has become a tourist spot in the city, both for soccer fans and non-football fans.

Obviously, if you visit Barcelona and you are a soccer fan you can't miss the opportunity to see the Camp Nou, regardless of the team you are. And if you already had the opportunity to experience a soccer match in this stadium, such as a classic Madrid-Barça, you can continue to live in peace.

Now, if soccer is not your thing, that's okay. We still recommend you to visit it, because like other places, it is impressive to see. Besides, it will not be a religious or cultural place, but the most fanatic ones do worship a religion, the one of soccer. So, if you come maybe you can understand the love of soccer fans.


With this last sports recommendation, we finish the article of the 10 things to see in Barcelona, essential that you can not miss. We hope you liked it and if you visit any of the sites, especially Wine Gogh, let us know.



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