10 Useful tips for painting and drinking wine

Pintar y beber vino en una solo experiencia

In this blog you will find 10 tips that will help you to start painting and to know what steps to follow to identify a good wine. Keep reading because you will surely find tips that will help you.

Clear paint and good wine

Take a pen and paper and start writing down because the 10 tips we are going to give you are worth it. They are not only 10 tips on how to paint and drink wine, I think we all know how to do that. Of course, not all of us paint well and not all of us know which wine is of good or bad quality.

Read on to discover 5 tips for beginners in painting and 5 other tips to start choosing good wine whenever you are going to drink.

5 tips for learning to paint

Here are 5 things you can do to get started in the world of art.

1. Style and level go hand in hand

If you've just started painting, I guess that's why you're here, we want to give you this first tip. There are many styles to choose from when you want to paint or draw, but that doesn't mean you like them all or can do them all.

You must take into account the level you have, which, at the moment, is beginner. For this reason, you cannot pretend to paint like a person who has been developing his style. Therefore, we advise you to first practice and get used to the brush or pencil, the style will come.

2. Know the techniques

It is important that you learn the techniques of artistic drawing such as lights, shadows or perspectives. But don't worry because in Wine Gogh have teachers who will help you with this.

We advise you to do a little research prior to your first appointment with Wine Gogh so that when our teachers explain the techniques to you, they won't sound like Greek to you.

3. Learn the color

No, it is not learning to color. As many say, art begins and ends with color, which means it is a very important step. It is interesting that you get to know the colors to be able to create a work that leaves the mouths of others open.

For this reason, many colors are not born from nothing, but from mixing, mixing and mixing. Don't be afraid, start painting and mix all the colors you want, you will surely find other variants that will leave you amazed.

4. Copying is wrong

As the title says, copying is wrong. It's wrong in any industry, whether it's art, writing, business...you name it. Do not copy. If you want to be inspired by a painter, work or style, fine, it's valid, but don't copy it from cover to cover.

If you want to learn to paint, the most important thing is to find your own style, as we said at the beginning. But if you start copying, you will never find your own color.

5. Use appropriate tools

As in everything in life, when you want to do things right, you need the right means, so it is the same with painting. This does not mean that you should choose the most expensive materials you can find in the market, but that you should choose a good brand that will help you create quality works.

Of course, in Wine Gogh give you the tools you need to create your masterpiece in our studio, but when you leave you will want to have a good material to continue with. So feel free to ask any of us for advice on what materials to buy, but our teachers are the ones who can best inform you.

5 tips for choosing a good wine

We have already told you how to bring out your creative side and start painting, now we want to tell you 5 steps you can take to know how to choose a wine and enjoy art as well as wine.

1. Search for information

Nobody is born knowing about anything, so if you want to enjoy painting and a delicious wine, we advise you to first seek information through blogs or videos of experts, consult with winemakers, etc.. The important thing is to be informed.

You may not be too excited about this step, but you will be thankful for it later, especially when you're busy painting and want to savor something delicious. Although you can always ask us, we will be happy to recommend one that you like.

2. Start with rosés and whites

If you are reading these tips it is because you are not used to wine, so our second recommendation is that you start with rosés and whites. These types of wines are fresher, softer and lighter, so they are perfect to start with.

Also, imagine the situation of sitting in front of the easel, putting into practice the techniques you have learned while enjoying a good white wine, for example.

3. First the light ones, then the sturdy ones.

As you can imagine, there are many types of wine and a very differentiated characteristic among them is the robustness. For this reason, we recommend the lighter ones, as they are less heavy and more suitable for beginners.

Choose a good, slightly robust rosé red wine and you will increase the level as you get used to it.

4. More expensive does not mean higher quality

The title of this section says it all, more expensive things do not always imply more quality. Start with a wine that suits your palate, regardless of the price. Of course, if a wine costs 3€, you can't expect a marvel.

Some wines will be expensive because of the brand, time or any other reason, the important thing is that you like the one you choose.

5. Learn to pick vino

Paint and taste, taste and paint. Anyone would say that this is a tongue twister, but it is quite clear. To drink good wine you have to learn to taste it and, to enjoy wine, a good companion is to paint a picture.

Why? Painting and wine have always gone hand in hand, the aromas that mix when you paint and drink wine is a unique and incomparable sensation.

In summary

Wine Gogh offers you the experience of painting and drinking wine while enjoying your time alone or in company, so these tips will help you to live an afternoon in a more relaxed way and let yourself go enjoying two passions that come together in one place.

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